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For Those with Plantar Fasciitis

     Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. The Plantar Fasciitis custom orthotic insole is created to relieve arch and heel pain while reducing the chances of heel spurs. This insole provides arch support to minimize stretching of the fascia. Total contact with the foot aligns the feet in a natural, relaxed position. Walk away from pain and step into comfort.

Plantar fasciitis symptoms include pain in the heel and arch, especially first thing in the morning; heel spurs, Achilles pain, and general discomfort.

-          Multi-density cushioning provides shock absorption

-          A deep heel cup provides cushioning while aligning the foot

-          Plantar Fascial groove is provided in severe cases of inflammation

-          Doctor recommended for sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis

Reorder - Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotic Insoles - 1 Pair

$165.00 Regular Price
$145.00Sale Price

    How it Works

    • Custom products require impressions of your feet. You will be mailed an impression box with return postage.

    • This product fits most shoes with removable inserts.

    • These orthotics require a break in period of one to two weeks.

    • Material colors may vary.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee, made in the USA


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