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For Peace of Mind

     The Diabetic orthotic insole is created to prevent damage and help control complications of the Diabetic foot. Designed from impressions of the feet, this insole provides total contact, creating comfort and support. The top layer is made from anti-abrasive foam, formulated to mimic human skin. Reclaim peace of mind and confidence knowing your feet are protected.

Prevent potential complications including pain, calluses, fissures, blisters, poor circulation, and ulcers; which could lead to amputation.

-          Multi-density materials for arch support

-          Anti-bacterial closed cell foam keeps feet cool and dry

-          Friction reducing top cover prevents slippage and abrasions

-          Exceeds the highest medical standards

Diabetic Custom Orthotic Insoles - 1 Pair

$170.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

    How it Works

    • Custom products require impressions of your feet. You will be mailed an impression box with return postage.

    • This product fits most shoes with removable inserts.

    • These orthotics require a break in period of one to two weeks.

    • Material colors may vary.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee, made in the USA


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