The Sigvaris Recovery Calf helps athletes recover faster after a workout. Whether you are coming off the field, leaving the gym, or have just completed a marathon; these products help relieve muscle soreness. Check out the sizing chart below to select the appropriate size for you. Along with custom orthotic insoles, these products vigorously promote cardiovascular health.

  • Increase blood & oxygen flow to muscles
  • Prevent injury and lactic acid build up
  • Improve energy, performance, and reduce recovery time
  • Dry release materials eliminate odors
  • Prevents swelling of varicose veins during running

Athletic Recovery Calf


    How it Works

    • Custom products require impressions of your feet. You will be mailed an impression box with return postage.

    • This product fits most shoes with removable inserts.

    • These orthotics require a break in period of one to two weeks.

    • Material colors may vary.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee, made in the USA